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Identifying Your Passions

One of the key developmental tasks needed to be carried out during the teen years to enable a person to become a successful adult, is to identify your passions. I believe we each have two passions. The first is vocational - that is career from which we are able to earn a living. If we are working in the area of our passion, we will have the edge over those who are just doing it for a job. The second is a recreational passion - some activity that re-engergises or re-creates us to replace the energy that is lost through work.

If we know our vocational passion but not our recreational one we will eventually burn out. Knowing our recreational, but not our vocational, can mean that we invest time and money in our recreation that should be used for securing the future.
If we don't know either then we don't know who we are!

The following are some questions to ask yourself and those who know you well to help you identify your passions. You may need some help to determine which is vocational and which is recreational but these will give you a good place to start.

1. If you won lotto and never had to work for money, what is it that you would do just for the enjoyment or reward of doing it?
2. In what field do you naturally retain information without having to try to remember it?
3. What is it that you can do that seems relatively simple to you but others go "wow that's great"? You will probably think that it is not so great because you will see all the mistakes or ways that you could have done better. In the area or your passion, your standards will be so much higher than anyone else because near enough will not be good enough for you.
4. Have you had a dream or some sense of a vision as a child or adult and thought "I could do that" but then thought no way?
5. Have you observed a recognised "expert" doing something and thought "I could do better than that" but would never dare to say it out loud?
6. What are you naturally good at?
7. If you had time to kill while waiting at an airport and you could pick any magazine from a bookstore, what type of magazine would you pick up? Which articles would you read and which ones would you just glance at or pass over?

1. If you think that you have found you passion, go and spend some time with someone who is already doing it. You will know fairly quickly whether you are getting close.
2. If you run your idea of which way to go past mature people who know you and that you can tell you what they see as the truth rather than what they think you want to hear, they will confirm that they can see you doing it.
3. Between where you are now and operating in your passion will lie some unbearable feeling, past experience or fear that you will have to face head on and go through.
4. If your are prepared to set off and move in the direction that you think is right, events and circumstances will combine to alter the direction as you go.
5. You will probably be reluctant to make a move away from the security of what you know until the fear of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of changing and doing whatever has to be done.
6. When you identify your passion, find someone who shares the same passion who is is further advanced or recently retired from doing it. They will freely share the wealth of knowledge that they have built up over the years and it will give them great joy and satisfaction to be a part of your growth.
7. If you can achieve your dream or passion on your own with the resources that you already have then your dream is not big enough. Your true potential will only be achieved with the help of others who have complimentary dreams and whom you will also help them to achieve theirs along the way.
8. When you eventually find and move into your passion you will find that all of your previous life experiences will have contributed in some way to your ability to excel in that field.
9. When a deep passion within you corresponds with a deep need within humanity then success is inevitable.
10. What is it that you would have a go at if you knew that there was absolutely no chance of failing

Be bold and go for it!


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