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Adherence to the NZAC Code of Ethics prevents the solicitation of testimonials from current or former counselling clients. The following statements are from clients who volunteered feedback and associates and clients from the training and speaking contexts.

Wow! What a success! I have had a steady stream of people coming to see me today to find out how to contact you and have passed on your details to them. Well done for yesterday, I have had such good feedback, it was thoroughly enjoyed by most and some were very surprised as to how much they enjoyed it. Allan brings a genuine kiwi approach to the art of relationships. Common sense and useful tools abound, all delivered with the right touch of humour.

- Nicola Simpson, Corporate Services Administrator, Metso New Zealand Ltd

My wife and I attended the Kiwisense weekend retreat about a year ago. I found it a life changing experience full of "light bulb moments". It gave me the tools to be able to deal with the challenges that come up in a real relationship. Allan has continued to work with me in a coaching role to this day, I find the follow-up reinforces the course material to help through the bumps. For the value I gained the retreat was money well spent.

- South Island Farmer

I felt the seminar was really worthwhile - reinforcing what I had been told when I attended a counselling session a couple of years back. I think it was successful in reaching the guys at a level they could accept. Certainly gave food for thought & help with understanding those around us. I have had a couple of the guys chatting to me about it in a very positive manner!

- Metso New Zealand Staff Member re: Workplace seminar, 2013

We attended a Kiwisense Relationships seminar at Bethlehem Community Church on 15th August, 2009. We found it to be a very positive experience. Allan, the key speaker was very real, down to earth, practical, well researched and a good communicator. The seminar was well structured and informative, allowing for interaction, questions and clarification. While we attended different parts of the seminar due to family and other commitments, we were each able to take away some valuable insights which we were keen to share with each other when we got together. We had expected more of a marriage focus, but the tools we were given for understanding different people's personalities had relevance far wider than just in a "couple" situation. I would strongly recommend the seminar to anyone wanting to function well in relationship whether it be in a marriage, parenting, family, work place or in the community.

- Heather & Colin

Allan spoke at a conference I convened in June 2008. He is down to earth, realistic and has a real understanding of the problems facing couples in today's ever increasing busy world. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a speaker.

- Becky Walling, Walling Contracting Ltd

Allan's understanding of our situation was unbiased and enlightening. He gave us the tools to work through our problems. Only last week our 16 year old daughter commented "I never thought you and Dad could be this good together." Neither did we!

- Robyn

I thought I knew it all but I just needed some coaching. I really want to encourage guys that if your life is not working, try this. If you are prepared to put a bit of work in, your life can turn right around. My kids now enjoy having me as their father and I have so much fun with them. The difference is incredible. It was not at all like I thought it would be. I was surprised that by the second session I couldn't wait to get back for the next time. I learned so much real practical stuff that really worked.

- Bruce

I was really cautious about going to a male counsellor because I thought that he might take the man's view. I also felt embarrassed and stupid that we couldn't fix our problem ourselves. By the second session Allan had earned my trust and it felt like a tremendous weight had come off my shoulders. We now talk about things, laugh heaps and our house is full of smiles. I told some friends about what counselling with Allan had done for us and now they are going themselves. They too are finding it great.

- Shelley

I rang Allan as a last ditch attempt to get our marriage back on track again. A voice in my head said "whats the point,we have tried so hard, so often, why do you think it will change this time?" Well after an hour of talking with Alan I was so inspired,and God was at work too, ideas came flooding into my head and heart that neither Allan or I could have come up with. Eight months later our marriage is going well - yes with ups and downs but we seem to have climbed up to the next level.

- Di

Allan Baker was our guest speaker at our Mummy Mornings meeting at Centre Place in Hamilton. Allan spoke on "How to juggle motherhood and relationships." Allan touched on a number of topics about how men and women interact and how we all think differently. He spoke much about how this affects our relationships, while offering some insight into how to handle certain situations which may arise between couples. Allan also offered some insight into understanding and interpreting the behaviour of children based on the different ways a child thinks, and the way a child interprets your behaviour and interaction with them. The feedback from the meeting was very positive, with many mum's requesting for Allan to return as a guest speaker at a later date.

- Tania Burke, Promotional Leasing Representative, Centre Place, Hamilton

In my lifes journey, some people have had a positive influence on me and some a negative. Allan is one who has had a positive influence on me. His gentle nature, inquisitive mind and desire to bring out the best in people has helped me to have a good look at myself and explore my own lifes journey-both the positive and negative influences that have made me who I am. Some things I liked about myself, some things I didn't. With Allan's help and friendship over the years my life has been greatly enriched. I am a more complete person, less influenced by what I perceive people are thinking about me, and more able to understand and negotiate life and relationships in a positive and constructive way.

- Mark

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