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We deeply regret to announce the death of Allan Baker on the 4thNovember 2014. Allan passed away suddenly whilst working on his farmlet in rural Matamata.

Kiwisense will remain available for counselling referrals and all Allan's published resources will continue to be available from the website. It is our intention to add to these resources from Allan's as yet unpublished work in the near future.

Kiwisense has been created by Allan and Sue Baker and is based in Matamata, New Zealand.

Allan and Sue have been married for nearly 30 years and they have three adult children. They progressed through the share-milking system to farm ownership in 1991.

This background is not common in the world of counselling. Their experience as employees, employers and an active involvement in their rural communities has resulted in them building close relationships with a wide range of people. It has provided a particular ability to relate to people who live and work together 24/7 along with the pressures that long hours and building a business can put on a relationship. It has also resulted in a very practical commonsense approach to life in the real world.

At a personal level, their own journey of moving from the despair of trying to live, work and parent a family in a marriage where misunderstanding and loneliness were frustrating both partners, to the fun, exhilaration and potential that is available in a healthy relationship, has proved that it is possible to leave the pain behind without leaving the person.

Allan enjoyed the challenges of developing farms and has a natural ability and love of machinery. Whilst he generally enjoys animals he admits to preferring the sound of milking machines from the outside of the cowshed! This is after milking for twenty -five years.

He is very much a people person however, and his passion to help people understand both themselves and each other led to extensive personal reading, study and attending various leadership/personal development courses. In 2002, with the children on their way to pursuing their own careers, Allan, in his mid forties, took up the opportunity to pursue this other passion and began formal counsellor training.

After graduating, he worked for Relationship Services in Hamilton and Matamata for three years, counselling both couples and individuals. In late 2007, he left Relationship Services to develop Kiwisense.

Allan is committed to ongoing supervision and professional development. Trained in CBT and Narrative, his counselling style has been significantly influenced by David Schnarch (Passionate Marriage) and David Riddell (Living Wisdom).

Sue is an integral part of Kiwisense. Originally having trained and worked in the research and development field of the food industry, her more recent vocations have involved her in an administration/accounting role. Among her attributes is a strong desire to serve, which, along with her attention to detail, are evident in the administration side of Kiwisense. However, her journey from the frustration of living with a husband who for nearly twenty years just "did not get it" to the relationship they now enjoy has resulted in a compassion and wisdom born from experience. She has also completed Level One of Living Wisdom School of Counselling (David Riddell).

Sue has a passion for horses and after supporting their two daughters in achieving their own riding goals, is now enjoying recreational riding and competing herself.

Kiwisense Ltd currently operates from 2 locations –

  • Railside by the Green, Matamata
  • Retreat facilities in rural Matamata
  • Telephone counselling is also available as well as referrals to counsellors in other locations throughout New Zealand.

Bachelor of Counselling degree from Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, Bethlehem, Tauranga
Family Court Approved Counsellor
DVA approved provider for Individual Male respondents and applicants

Key Areas of Professional Development
Living Wisdom School of Life Skills & Counselling Level 2 David Riddell, Nelson
Sexuality Foundation Course – Sex Therapy New Zealand Ltd
Two papers in Adult Education from Massey University
David Schnarch Seminar (Two Days)
Introduction to Imago Workshop (Three Days) Relationship Services
National Speakers Association of New Zealand 2007 Advanced Core Competencies Series Workshops

Current Memberships
Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors
Member of National Speakers Association of New Zealand

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